USIIF – The U.S.-India Investors’ Forum (USIIF) is a not for profit entity (Section 25) and has been formed with the support of the US Consulate and US Commercial Service.

USIIF’s primary focus is to be a platform to introduce US and Indian companies and facilitate new business opportunities. USIIF acts as a liaison between the Indian and US companies.

USIIF was formed at the behest of the US Commercial Service to enhance trade and investment. The forum’s primary mission is to serve as a link between Business and Government leaders, resulting in increased trade and investment.

USIIF is a membership-based Forum and its Advisory Board is comprised of eminent personalities from some of India’s top corporate organizations.

Manoj Gursahani - Chairman

On behalf of US India Investors Forum, I am happy to share that the trade and relationship between India & USA have been pretty much on track. In fact, we were happy to coordinate with a lot of SME’s and find out their pain point and also help connect them with the respective overseas counterparts.

We also had a very interesting and informative roundtable meeting focussing on the Fintech segment and had thought leaders from the Industry attend and share their views in the presence of the Consul General Edgard Kagan and US Commercial Service officers.

We are now planning to have a similar roundtable meeting with the Startup Health Tech sector and brainstorm on how technologies like AI, Blockchain, Cloud Services etc can impact the healthcare sector in an effective manner