The Networking Portal is Open! We will be using the Networking Portal in the Eventtia platform to manage your on-site meetings and digital exposure at Trade Winds.  The Networking Portal is also the tool that will allow you to view our event attendees and vice versa.  This tool will be heavily used prior to and during the program, so it is very important for you to read and follow these instructions closely.

If you have already completed your registration and Networking Profile: please read the attached document for detailed instructions on how to request meetings with our Trade Winds attendees, U.S. Diplomats, and other Sponsors. Click here for the online .pdf. 

If you have not yet registered as an attendee and set up your networking profile:

  • Click here to complete your registration form.
  • At the bottom, click “Register” for the Optional Networking/Request Meetings with US Diplomats & Other Event Participants
  • Once you click, additional questions will be displayed.  
  • Fill out all the questions in the Networking section, and create a Username and Password that you will remember. 
  • **Note: Please know that the answers in the Networking Profile section are the ONLY ones that can be seen by other attendees. We do encourage you to upload a photo so that our attendees can recognize you.
  • Once your registration is received, it will be validated by our team.  You will receive an e-mail when it is validated.
  • Once your registration is validated, please follow the instructions in the attached document to start managing your meetings.

A reminder that EACH person attending Trade Winds under your sponsor tickets needs to be registered with us in Eventtia, and also should create a unique Networking Profile. 

If you are unsure if you have registered or how many registrations are included in your sponsor package, please contact