US Chapter

Sam Thevenayagam
President , Parts Life Inc.

Sam is devoted to empowering, mentoring, and developing people at work and within his sphere of influence, and is deeply involved in his church and community.
Passionate about supporting war fighters by developing proven low cost alternatives to sustain, modernize and extend life of expensive and mission-critical assets. Sam built and grew PARTS LIFE INC. to eliminate constraints in the area of parts for aging systems creating value for the US tax payer & the DOD.

Sam has been to India several times for business and is originally from Sri Lanka. He lived in Moorestown with his wife and kids.


Nancy Gilboy, President
Citizens Diplomacy International ( formerly International Visitors council)

Nancy I would say is my mentor. She has been making meaningful connections not only nationally but internationally for years. She works closely with City and State of PA on International Business.

Here's Nancy in her own words:
Nancy J. GILBOY, CDI President & CEO

"I've got the best job in the city - it's diverse, a challenge and never dull! My role is to make you aware that you play an important role in international relations when you do business abroad and every time you travel, interact with a tourist or an exchange student. I've been at CDI since 1990 and have created new programs and opportunities for CDI's members to become citizen diplomats and meet our distinguished State Department guests and provide positive American experiences for them. This includes member programs such as First Thursdays, Conversations With, Discover Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Experience, and Doing Business Abroad. I work with CDI's staff to market the region's professional resources so we're competitive with the other 95 councils across the country. I'm responsible for keeping CDI financially strong and work with our dedicated Board of Trustees to raise funds as well as to identify new, diverse and interesting resources to support our international visitors' program themes. I also speak to civic and business groups about how we combine CDI's mission of international understanding with internationalizing the Philadelphia region's businesses and institutions. I am working on making Philadelphia the "easiest city in the U.S. for non-English speakers to visit, live and work" and invite you to join me in the effort. I'm pleased to work with a skilled and dedicated staff who make every day and every visitor program they arrange better than the last. And, last but not least, I get to meet some of the most interesting people in the world - established and emerging leaders who are destined to make their countries better - and our members, who show the generous and unique volunteer nature of our country and their pride in being Philadelphians and Americans."


Neil Levine, Partner
Friedman LLP

Neil Levine is a partner at Friedman LLP and has over 25 years of public accounting experience. He directs audit engagements for SEC registrants, as well as privately held companies, not-for-profits, nursing homes and healthcare companies, and has served both developmental and emerging companies and old-line businesses. Prior to joining Friedman LLP, Neil managed his firm's Public Companies/SEC Practice, organizing its quality control procedures and ensuring that the firm complied with PCAOB regulations. He will continue to provide compliance oversight on audit and accounting standards as well as technical assistance on related matters. He is an expert in managing reporting requirements for small-, mid- and large-cap companies.I work as a business development consultant for Friedman with Neil. Our focus is on the Indian market.


Kanika Choudhary
Special Envoy to India from State of PA
Formerly Honorary Ambassador to India from Philadelphia

Kanika Choudhary has been instrumental in bringing quality connections to the City of Philadelphia as well as State of PA. She has made a tremendous contribution to International commerce through various educational and business initiatives. Kanika is very well connected in the business Industry in India. She works with many influential political figures. She will probably bring the most value to this board through her work.